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In the early days of this Country the Armed Forces consisted mainly of citizen soldiers. From time to time the call went out for those soldiers to gather or muster to drill and practice their military skills. Each community, in addition to their soldiers usually had a fifer and a drummer to provide music for the Militia to march.

A Fife & Drum Corps Muster is a gathering of Corps to perform, for each other and for the spectators gathered, selections of music for their entertainment. During the formal part of the Muster, each corps marches onto the Muster Field, is recognized by the Host Corps, presented it's ribbon, and retires.

The informal part of the Muster presents the opportunity to participating corps and individuals to renew old friendships, make new ones, do some jamming and generally enjoy themselves. During the Informal activities it is not unusual to see and hear numerous corps members from the partcipating units mass together to play music commonly known to all the corps.

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